So, I expect you’ve heard about the change from the SEM to I-SEM which was due to change in October next year, but it was announced this week, (23 November 2016) at a Senior Stakeholder meeting to postpone the go-live …


Renewables Seminar to help you get the most from your renewable electricity installations

You’re invited to an informative ROC and PPA seminar to help you get the most from your renewable electricity installations You’re invited to attend a free, informative seminar hosted by Action Renewables and Vayu Energy which will help you to …


Large Energy Users’ Drive for Green

September 2016:  According to a recent study by Nielsen 55% of global online Customers across 60 countries say that they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact. …


Punching Above your Weight

June 2015 Achieving High Performance in Business and Sport – Vayu Energy hosted a lunch in Croke Park on the 6th May to over 110 attendees from a breadth of business across Dublin, with presentations from Declan O’Sullivan, Scoil Uí Chonaill, and Gary Keegan, High Performance Management.


Vayu: Just another energy supplier?

April 2015 I read recently that people spend less than 10 minutes a year thinking about their household energy costs; an interesting statistic that made me wonder how long, say a person who has responsibility over the energy costs of an industrial / commercial business spends not just thinking about energy costs, but working with their internal teams and supplier to action thoughts into energy saving solutions


Instability in Ukraine looms large over winter gas market

Sept 2014 In the wake of the conflict in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine and the resulting EU-US trade sanctions on Russia, it may be worthwhile to consider the potential for this instability to impact upon the winter price of natural gas in Europe.


eLearning still a buzzword

Oct 2013 In today’s competitive and fast changing work environment we need to acquire new skills and knowledge as quickly as possible in order to keep apace. More and more often we see employees taking on responsibilities in areas that would not be their core competency. This means you either sink or learn to swim very quickly.


Bearish on Natural Gas Prices

Sept 2013 There are a growing number of reasons to believe the price of Natural Gas in the UK Gas market (NBP) will enter a downward trend in the coming years.


What some of our Customers are Saying