Datamere Supports Vayu to Enter UK Gas Market with New Partnership

Datamere Supports Vayu to Enter UK Gas Market with New Partnership

Cheshire software house Datamere announces a new client contract with Irish-headquartered gas and electricity supplier Vayu, which will provide it with the necessary, complex protocols to expand its gas supply customer base into the UK and significantly increase its territory. The contract will see Datamere provide Vayu with a full-lifecycle gas management system for both domestic and commercial customers, which removes many of the traditional barriers to market within the utility supply industry.

Datamere’s GMS© (Gas Management System) handles the entire gas supply registration process – from contract generation to the billing of live customers, including the management of shipper and National Grid invoices.

The intuitive and transparent access to data offered by the system supports the government’s drive for ease of access to price information and facilitates comparison. In addition, the phenomenal number of complex regulations and protocols demanded by the gas industry are handled within Datamere’s technology, which is opening up the market to independent energy companies otherwise unable to compete – a drive that is supported by Ofgem.

Vayu, which supplies natural gas and electricity to companies such as Tesco, Bulmers/Magners, IBM and FMC, will move over to the latest GMS V4© later this year, the leading software solution for independent gas shippers and suppliers in the UK. GMS© is currently the principal gas management system for companies such as NPower, Gazprom, Wingas, ENI, Crown Gas and Power and Universal Utilities among others. The significant advancements made to the original system make it the most advanced and intuitive solution on the market.

Wayne Kelly, Head of IT and Systems, Vayu Limited, comments: “Vayu spent a lot of time researching the industry to find a company that was a good fit for our business. Datamere is a good strategic and cultural partner for us and we are delighted to work with them as we grow our presence in the UK.”

Managing director of Datamere, Simon Slater, adds: “As well as servicing some of the largest utility suppliers in the UK, the modular approach we have taken with GMS© means we can help to open up the market to smaller suppliers and even aid some brokers to become suppliers in their own right”.

“Vayu has an excellent reputation in the industry for its relationship with its customers and we are thrilled that they have recognised the strengths of our system to improve and support the service it offers, while also removing the complex burden of UK gas supply protocols that are constantly updated and handled within GMS©”.

“Datamere is very proud of the reputation it has built up in the utilities market with GMS© and it’s partnerships like this that will help us achieve our business objectives to grow by 100 per cent over the next three years,” he adds.