eLearning still a buzzword

In today’s competitive and fast changing work environment we need to acquire new skills and knowledge as quickly as possible in order to keep apace. More and more often we see employees taking on responsibilities in areas that would not be their core competency. This means you either sink or learn to swim very quickly.

When managing energy there are a lot of factors to take into account such as FX changes, understanding the commodities market and hedging strategies.  If energy managers understand the factors that drive energy prices it will be easier to make the decisions in order to manage their energy budgets in a proactive manner.

eLearning represents the most effective way to gain new knowledge quickly and at a time and place that suits you.

What are the critical elements for eLearning?

1. It must be flexible

2. It must be enduring

3. It must be measurable

4. It must be accessible

Advances in technology generally define the latest trends in any industry, and the eLearning industry is no different. New devices and applications are shaping the present and future of how organizations administer and record learning.

In the past number of years and with the success of mobile devices, we are starting to see how the latest technologies are making their way into formal learning delivery. With Mobile eLearning this means individuals can take responsibility for their own development and can fit eLearning into their schedule through the use of mobile devices.