The Electricity market in Ireland is changing in May 2018 from SEM to I-SEM.  Click below on our short video to get a quick overview of the key features of the new market.  Check back to our I-SEM corner regularly for updates. 


Vayu’s short I-SEM overview video



Post 1. November 2016:  I-SEM

So, I expect you’ve heard about the change from the SEM to I-SEM which was due to change in October next year, but it was announced this week, (23 November 2016) at a Senior Stakeholder meeting to postpone the go-live date of the ISEM to no later than 23 May 2018. 

It’s the biggest change to the Irish Power Market for ten years.  The SEM Pool is being abandoned in favour of a new bilateral market, designed to look more like the power markets in other European countries.  That’s all very well, you might ask, but how does it affect me as a consumer?  Well, it might not immediately affect you, but contained within the new rules that set out how power is traded between generators and suppliers are a number of opportunities that could potentially allow you to make some money or reduce the cost of your electricity bills.  Read more……….

Post 2. Vayu Energy:  I-SEM Seminar

DISCUSSING the new Integrated Single Energy Market (ISEM) and Energy Procurement – gas and electricity – was the focus at a packed-out seminar organised by Vayu Energy, in association with Action Renewables. Read more……