New energy fund will lead to greater energy efficiency

Vayu Energy, Ireland’s leading experts in energy supply and management, today announced the launch of the Vayu Energy Fund. The new initiative allows energy users to achieve cost savings by investing in energy related projects through upgrading dated facilities, machinery or technology across all areas of the business. Vayu supplies 20% of Ireland’s largest natural gas business users and is part of Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) since 2016.

In recent studies the misuse of energy through poor energy management and lack of investment was found to be the greatest hurdle in becoming more energy efficient for many businesses, according to Vayu.

Speaking about the Vayu Energy Fund, Ciaran Gahan, Energy Efficiency Manager at Vayu, said: “This is a win – win for our customers as this fund will assist them in reducing their energy usage and provide them with the finance to achieve this reduction. Through the Vayu Energy Fund, we will work with our customers to identify appropriate measures to help reduce their energy costs. Customers are delighted with this product as it gives them access to finance which may not have been possible for them previously while ultimately working to reduce their overall energy costs.”

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Vayu Energy, Ireland’s leading experts in energy supply, has today launched a new energy initiative – the Vayu Energy Fund – which allows energy users to invest in energy related projects leading to cost savings and greater energy efficiency. The Vayu Energy Fund will provide much needed capital to allow Industrial & Commercial organisations to invest in energy projects; such as upgrading dated facilities, machinery, and technology across all areas of their business. Terms & conditions apply.

Vayu Energy are experts in energy supply solutions, supplying natural gas, electricity, renewables and services to the industrial and commercial market in Ireland and the UK. Vayu creates mutually beneficial relationships with customers and delivers bespoke energy solutions through advice, insight and access to wholesale energy markets, allowing customers to make better choices in energy consumption and spend. Established in 2003, Vayu is part of Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF) since 2016.