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Our business electricity products offer value and flexibility

As a Vayu Customer you will see that our electricity products are designed with one thing in mind…YOU!

We understand that electricity can be a complex commodity to understand and buy, however with our products, understanding and buying this commodity couldn’t be easier!

Vayu, as a business electricity supplier, has a full range of electricity products; as we understand that not all customers have the same requirements. Our most popular product is Vayu’s Tracker Product. 

Being able to pay wholesales prices for a commodity that makes up a large percentage of your monthly energy spend is a great option for any business, and with Vayu, you can do just that!

Vayu’s Tracker Product

With this product you pay wholesale market prices that deliver excellent value versus any fixed offer available as you get your electricity before suppliers add their expensive premiums to the price!

So how does it work?

Our Tracker product offers you direct access to the wholesale electricity market, access to which is normally reserved for suppliers and generators only and passes these wholesale prices on to you.

By tracking the market price, Tracker can offer significant savings over fixed rate tariffs. While fixed rates provide a degree of certainty, this comes at a cost. Also, because these “fixed” tariffs are often linked to the price of gas or carbon, they are not as secure as they may appear.

If saving on your business electricity costs is important to your business, then Vayu Tracker is for you.

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