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Renewable Energy Solutions

Vayu can work with you to develop your renewable strategy. Whether you are a Customer looking for renewable energy / green energy or a renewable generator looking to set up a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with a licensed supplier, Vayu will work with you to find the renewable energy solution that best suits your needs.

We have Power Purchase Agreements (”PPA’s”) in place with developers of renewable energy projects including onshore wind, landfill gas, hydro and biomass.

We understand the complexities of renewable projects – from the existing AER (Alternative Energy Requirement) projects and new REFIT arrangements to putting the right agreements in place between developers and financial institutions.


Any renewable generator who wants to benefit from the government REFIT subsidy scheme needs to have a Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) with a licensed supplier. Vayu is one of a small number of licensed power suppliers that can provide PPAs. Our industry and local knowledge, competitive terms and innovative approach mean that we are the ideal PPA partner for renewable generators.

If you are seeking a PPA, please contact Ross McConnell at 01884 9400 or alternatively download our PPA questionnaire and send the completed document to

Renewable assets

Vayu also wants to hear from you if you have plans to build renewable assets or are seeking investment in renewable assets. Please contact Ross McConnell at 01884 9400 or email


The EU Directive 2009/28/EC on renewable energy, implemented by Member States by December 2010, sets a target for all Member States that, by 2020, 20% of the energy used in power generation, transport and heat generation in the EU will come from renewable sources.

The Republic of Ireland has a sub target of 16% for 2020. The National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) sets out how the 2020 overall target will be addressed:

  • 10% renewables in the energy consumption in the transport sector
  • 12% in the heat sector
  • 40% in the electricity sector

At the end of 2010, ROI consumption of electricity from renewable sources stood at 14.8%. To achieve the 40% target, government has put in place incentives to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in renewable energy generation.  The government has chosen to incentivise the production of renewable electricity via two schemes:

  • AER (Alternative Energy Requirement)
  • REFIT (Renewable Energy Feed In Tariff) programmes

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