Energy Services

Manage your risk more effectively and make informed procurement decisions

We never stop looking for better ways to work, and to help you. We know that however good our products and services are, they can always get better.  We provide energy strategies designed for you to provide best long term value. This is the key difference in the way we do business, and it means that as a Vayu Customer, you can depend on better value in the long run.

For Vayu, understanding your requirements is what comes first. From then on, we’ll apply our expertise to devise, implement and deliver a tailored solution around what you need.

We are specialists in delivering reporting and information services that offer real value to the industrial and commercial sector of the gas and electricity market.  We offer a wide portfolio of services to our business gas and electricity customers including: daily and weekly updates on the gas and power market, expert analyst advice, training and information to help you understand and manage your energy requirements more effectively.

Energy Efficiency 

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