Currency Management

At Vayu,  our aim is to provide you with the broadest range of flexible options to minimise risk and ensure the best possible value. We have a number of currency management products that can help your business save money and minimise risk.

They include:

  • Vayu Fix
  • Vayu Dual Currency

We know how important budget certainty is for your business. In an environment where the price of energy is increasing,  many Vayu customers are opting to fix the price of their gas requirements.

Vayu Fix

Vayu Fix, the only product of its kind in Ireland, offers our customers a way of eliminating the risk associated with foreign exchange rates. By fixing not only the commodity price but also the euro/sterling exchange rate,  you can control your monthly bill.

The benefits include:

  •  Zero exposure to fluctuations in gas and currency prices.
  •  Complete control over gas and currency costs.

Easy to set up – simply choose the Vayu Fix option at point of purchase and Vayu will look after the rest.

Vayu Dual Currency

Vayu’s Dual Currency product is a brand new currency management product that eliminates the currency risk associated with your gas bill by allowing you to pay in sterling as well as in euro.

The benefits include:

  •     Complete pricing certainty.
  •     Dual bills offering control over prices.

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