Energy Efficiency

Smarter Energy with Vayu

Improving Energy Efficiency is using less Energy while still providing the same service.

Understanding your business energy and taking control means cutting bottom line costs and helping you with your green credentials.

We use a methodology which will assist you with all your energy efficiency projects no matter how large or small at any point from start to finish.

Identify and Evaluate an OpportunityPlan the project selection and a business caseAction: Implement and MeasureReview: Report and Verify
The results of energy efficiency include:

  • Reduced energy consumption without affecting productivity
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions and a lower carbon footprint

Customer Case Studies

Please contact us to see examples of some of our case studies from both Irish and international Customers across all sectors, from pharmaceutical to construction that have undertaken energy efficiency projects.

LightingGlobal Logistics Company
Boiler & Chiller Set PointPharmaceutical Company
VentilationLarge Medical Devices
Large Manufacturing Company
Pharmaceutical Company
Pumps & CompressorsLarge Medical Manufacturing Company
Energy ServicesLarge Irish Bakery

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