Energy Monitoring and Targeting

We believe the more information you have the more efficiently you can manage your energy (gas and electricity). Talk to a member of the Vayu team today to see how you can reduce your energy consumption, reduce costs and help the environment through energy management.


Cylon Active Energy Xplor is a Cloud based real-time smart energy management solution.  It provides the analytical tools you need to monitor and manage your building’s energy consumption.  You can target savings enabling you to reduce energy consumption by up to 25% through energy efficiency improvements.



* Set, edit and monitor alarms on-line

* Secure cloud based solution

* Fast and cost effective

* User friendly and intuitive interface

* Compatible across all BEMS systems

* Advanced energy analytics

* Unlimited online Customer support

* No meter connection points

* No geographical boundaries



* Easy to install

* Improve building energy performance

* Reduce energy consumption

* Reduce energy cost and carbon footprint

* Reduce time spent on manual analysis

* Low investment cost

* Encourage positive behavioural change

* Leverage existing information from a building

* Fully customisable reports


The Active Energy EDU (Energy Display Unit)  

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