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Vayu Energy has extensive experience in providing a route to market for small, medium and large generators via PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements). A PPA is a contract between two parties, one who generates electricity (the seller) and one who is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer).

Four Ways We Can Help Renewable Generators

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Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

PPAs are a critical component of planning a successful renewable project because they provide a guaranteed income stream over an extended contract duration (up to 15 years). Vayu is one of a small number of licensed power suppliers that can provide PPAs for:

Renewable generators in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, including:

• those qualifying for the Renewable-Energy-Feed-in-Tariff (REFIT) in ROI

• merchant PPAs coming out of in Northern Ireland and ROI

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

Are you planning on generating renewable energy? We would love to help If you have plans to build renewable assets or are seeking investment in renewable assets, please contact us.

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Supplier Lite Services

Some generators decide to set up their own supply company for their renewable projects, however not all wish to deal with the associated complexity and overhead of managing this. As an established energy supplier since 2003 Vayu has the experience, capabilities, and systems to deliver “Supplier Lite” services for these projects.  Essentially Vayu can administer and manage the process of selling electricity via a PPA on behalf of the project owner.

Corporate PPAs

A Corporate PPA brings consumers and generators together irrespective of location, generating capacity or supply requirements with no capital outlay required by the Customer. In addition to offering the benefit of cost predictability, Vayu can connect a specific generation source like a wind farm with a specific demand source of a Customer. Whilst also managing the volumes and pricing elements, it is also attractive from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective, as it can directly support local communities and lower the Company’s carbon emissions.

If you are seeking a PPA, please contact Ross McConnell at + 353 1 884 9400 or complete our PPA questionnaire below or send an email to

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

If you are seeking a PPA, please contact Ross McConnell or complete our PPA questionnaire.

Download PPA Questionnaire

On-site Generation

Some Industrial and Commercial Customers have their own onsite generation. Onsite generation, or auto-production, is where an energy consumer installs a generation facility at the same physical location as their demand. The electricity generated is used to power its own premises first and any excess power is spilled to the grid creating an income stream.

Vayu provides an attractive solution via a monthly invoice to facilitate both the supply of electricity required from the grid and also payment for the times the generator exports excess power to the grid.

Why you can trust us to be the off-taker of your renewable power

We have a portfolio of over 200MWs in PPAs and growing

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We have experience of setting up PPAs in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Our PPA portfolio now includes numerous technologies including onshore wind, landfill gas, biomass, hydro and solar

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We have strong financial backing from our parent company Gas Natural Fenosa (GNF), one of the leading natural gas and electricity companies in the world

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We have a dedicated renewable energy team

We provide market-leading rates for the electricity you generate

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We guarantee monthly payments to generators (no late payments)

Use our experience and the financial strength that comes with being part of a global energy group as leverage to get the right agreements in place with financial institutions.

Ross McConnell

Ross McConnell

Are you planning on generating renewable energy? If you have plans to build renewable assets or are seeking investment in renewable assets we would love to help.

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I am not surprised that other large customers are also seeing value in using Vayu as their gas supplier. Vayu seems to be doing all the right things to establish the company as a leader in this market.
John H. Rhodes, Global Category Manager for Energy, FMC
Vayu’s energy supply partnership with Dalata goes beyond the supply of natural gas. For example, Vayu is installing smart metering across all our ROI hotel sites, which will enable us to view, manage and control all our hotel site’s energy consumption and costs like never before. Stephen Clarke
The availability of a flexible contract was a key deciding factor for College Proteins when considering switching our electricity provider. Since signing up to Vayu’s Electricity Tracker, we have benefitted from lower wholesale market prices and the savings have been considerable. Participation at the Electricity Auctions allowed us a further opportunity to secure power at competitive rates, which assists us in reducing our energy bills.
College Proteins