Punching Above your Weight

Achieving High Performance in Business and Sport

Vayu Energy hosted a lunch in Croke Park on the 6th May to over 110 attendees from a breadth of businesses across Dublin.

The event, facilitated by Eileen Dunne, gave our guests the opportunity to hear two inspiring success stories; the first, on a local scale and the second, on a global scale. Both speakers, despite having different backgrounds and resources available to them, both share a common belief; that to become a true World Class team or athlete, you must have and believe in a vision, have belief in yourself, don’t be afraid of hard work and never accept the “norm”.

Declan O’Sullivan, senior team coach at Scoil Ui Chonaill delighted his audience with an excellent update on the recent success of the club and acknowledged that there is still more to be done, however as a small club, they have surprised their peers with their success and will continue to reap the benefits of punching above their weight.

Gary Keegan, Director of High Performance Management took to the podium after Declan and delivered an inspiring piece to his captivated audience. Gary spoke about Ireland’s boxing achievements, and how, despite being in some people’s opinions, the underdog, any athlete or team can evolve from an underdog to a challenger, into a champion and ultimately gain World Class status, through vision, belief, hard work and not allowing the “norm” into your life. He brought us on a journey of the Irish Boxing team, shared how they used their underdog status to their advantage to learn of and devise a world-class high performance management programme which was underpinned by a process-driven business model. Over a six year period, the Irish high performance programme achieved major European, World and Olympic medal success with no fewer than 29 medals achieved at these levels across the age spectrum. Gary shared his insights and knowledge around facilitating people to realise their potential through supportive environments that are conducive to the delivery of high performance. I really do not think that there was one person in the room that was not emotionally touched by this story.

Colm Kennedy finished by reaffirming how we can all take lessons from both business and sporting success and thanked everybody for attending.

Vayu: an independent Irish Energy company that was formed in 2003 with the very objective of challenging the big guys (Bord Gais & ESB) and the traditional utility approach to serving customers. Vayu, with its strategy, people & focus is now one of Ireland’s leading energy supply companies to the Industrial & Commercial sector and is a case-study in business for the exact approach taken by Declan & Gary in sport.