Renewable Energy PPA Questionnaire

Renewable Energy PPA Questionnaire


  1. Where is the development located?
  2. Name of the development company?
  3. Name of principals of the development company?
  4. Who are your solicitors?
  5. Who are your bankers?
  6. Who are your other advisors regarding this project?
  7. Have you previous experience of developing renewable projects?
  8. Have you any PPAs in place already?


  1. Type of technology?
  2. What is the output MW of the renewable installation?
  3. What is the capacity factor?
  4. What are the load factors (P50-P75-P90)?

 Support and Grid

  1. Which government support scheme are you part of/do you expect to join? AER/REFIT/REFIT2/REFIT3
  2. Have you a grid offer?
  3. If yes, is this Grid Offer Firm/Non-Firm?
  4. Is this project in gate? Which Gate?

 Planning status

  1. Have you secured planning consent, with the necessary EIA information if required by planning?
  2. If not, please advise what stage the planning process?
  3. Have you secured the Land leases?

 Generation Status

  1. Is your development already generating?
  2. If not, please advise expected date for generation?

Financial Status

  1. Have you secured finance?
  2. Is the project debt financed or self-financed?
  3. Who is providing debt finance?
  4. Is there any equity opportunity for this project?

Click here to see the word version. DF15 Vayu Renewable Energy PPA Questionnaire v1.0

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