Vayu Customer Charter

1. Introduction

Vayu has built an enviable reputation with its customers for offering world class customer service that is a fundamental part of the company’s ethos.

This Charter aims to formalise the company’s real world commitment to customer service by documenting behaviour that is considered to be the minimum acceptable by all Vayu employees.

Our Charter has been prepared following consultation with our customers to support Vayu’s core values.

2. Core Values

World class customer service is not just a marketing slogan. It is a reality.
Marketing/Sales/Contracts/Delivery are indivisible parts of our service.
Long term customer engagement is more important than short term commercial gain.
All Vayu employees are dedicated to deliver Vayu’s core values.

3. Vayu Commitments

The commitments that we make to our customers cover the whole supply chain as follows:

Customer billing and invoice format (3.1)
Query and Complaint handling (3.2)
Disconnection (3.3)

3.1 Customer Billing and Invoice Format

Vayu is committed to providing a clear invoice format which is easily understood and provides all the relevant information required by the customer. Invoices will be issued monthly/bimonthly based on data from your meter.

The invoice will include the following information:

The customer name, address and account number.
The invoice issue date and payment due date.
The total invoice amount due and payment options available to the customer.
The methodology used to calculate the cost elements of the invoice, which are:
volume of energy used,
the applicable prices,
detailed fixed charges split where applicable into Distribution and Transmission.
For Gas: the Gas Point Registration Number (GPRN) , Supply Point Registration Number (SPRN), Average Calorific Value, The Supply Point Capacity (SPC) and, where necessary, the Maximum Daily Quantity (MDQ), of the customer.
For Electricity: the Meter Point Registration Number (MPRN), Maximum Import Capacity (MIC), Meter Confirmation Code (MCC), DUoS and TUoS Group.
Vayu contact details for any invoice or service issues.
National Gas or Electricity Emergency Service contact number, as applicable.
A brief description of our complaints handling process including contact details.
Notifications of any changes in transportation tariffs to customers will be on the bill, or by the way of an accompanying insert.

3.2. Query and Complaint Handling

Vayu strive to effectively and transparently resolve a customer query or complaint in a timely fashion. It may happen that a customer will have cause to complain about some aspect of their energy supply or the invoicing process. We are absolutely committed to providing the highest possible standard of customer service. This is best evidenced by the speed, transparency and fairness of the company’s query and complaint resolution process.

An individual account manager will be assigned to large customers and will be responsible as first point of contact for dealing with any complaints. The contact details for the account managers will be provided to each customer on signing the Vayu contract. Where an account manager is not assigned, the Customer Care team will manage the query or complaint. Contact details:

Phone: +353 (0) 1 8849400
Query resolution:

The account manager or Customer Care team will respond to the query with a resolution within 24 hours in most cases.
It is intended that if Vayu can resolve the query internally that all queries will be resolved within 3 working days.
For complex queries, and those that are subject to a third party input and resolution process, Vayu commits to keeping the customer fully informed at every stage of the process and will endeavour to provide an answer to the query within 5 working days.
Complaint resolution process:

The account manager will respond to the initial complaint within 3 working days to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and to agree a response time with the customer for resolution of the complaint.
It is intended that if Vayu can resolve the complaint internally that all complaints will be resolved within 5 working days of acknowledgement.
Details of each complaint will be logged and a case number will be assigned to ensure progress is monitored.
If the nature of the complaint involves a third party such as Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) or ESB Networks then the resolution will be subject to the operation of their complaint treatment process.
Vayu commit to keeping the customer fully informed at every stage of the process.
If at any point in the process the customer wishes to escalate the complaint they may contact the Managing Director’s office. The details of how to contact the Managing Director are outlined below:
Managing Director’s Office
24 – 28 Tara Street, Dublin 2.
Phone: +353-1-884 9400

If the customer believes that the resolution provided by the Vayu process is unsatisfactory they then have the option of referring the complaint to the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER). They can be contacted by writing to:
Commission for Energy Regulation,
The Exchange,
Belgard Square North,
Dublin 24.

They can also be contacted by email at or by phone at:
+353-1-4000 800.
Please note the CER can only deal with unresolved complaints that have been through our complaints process.

3.3. Disconnection

It is Vayu’s intention that the company will never terminate a customer’s contract before the contract end date. However, there may be certain circumstances that mean that an early disconnection of the customer’s gas or electricity supply, as applicable, will be considered. Vayu will engage with its customers to find a mutually acceptable solution to any problem that would make disconnection an option.

Possible reasons for disconnection:

Change of circumstances of the customer.
The customer may find that their requirements have changed in such a way that they no longer require any gas or electricity supply or the volume may reduce to such an extent that Vayu can no longer supply them under the terms of its contract. In these circumstances Vayu will work closely with the customer to ensure a smooth transition to the new status. Vayu will not penalise the customer and will adhere to the contract terms agreed with the customer.
Safety reasons.
It is possible that in exceptional circumstances Gas Networks Ireland (GNI) or ESB Networks (ESBN), as applicable, will consider necessary for either safety or operational reasons to temporarily disconnect supply. Vayu will work closely with GNi or ESBN to ensure the disruption for the customer is minimized and that they are fully informed throughout the process.
Non payment of invoices.If a customer has failed to pay an outstanding invoice, and if there is no reasonable outstanding complaint in relation to that invoice, then Vayu will consider disconnection as a last resort. We will attempt to cooperate with the customer in implementing payment plans and other solutions where appropriate. Vayu has a clear and unambiguous escalation procedure for disconnections.In the event that a customer has not paid an invoice within the contract terms, a final notice will be issued to the customer by way of telephone and/or writing 14 days after the due date. In the event that no payment be forthcoming by the 6th working day from the date of this final notice Vayu will issue a notice of disconnection, informing the customer of its intention to request BGN or ESBN, as applicable, to withdraw supply of energy with immediate effect.This notice will specify that a cost will be applied for the disconnection, any reinstatement of supply or if the disconnection is cancelled or no access is possible at the premises. It will also note that payment of arrears cannot be made to the person(s) carrying out the disconnection.
Where Vayu is made aware that a customer has gone into liquidation or receivership, this notice period will be reduced to two days. This notice will detail the cost of disconnection and reconnection of service. It will also give contact details for customers who wish to make payment immediately.

Where a customer has reached a settlement with Vayu, they will be reconnected in accordance with their terms and conditions.

Vayu will not disconnect a customer in any of the following circumstances:

Where a customer has entered into a payment plan with Vayu and is honouring that arrangement.
Where a customer is pursuing a complaint using the complaint handling procedures specified by Vayu and the complaint is related to the reason for disconnection.
In the event that a customer is disputing an invoice, this clause only applies to the disputed invoice and not any previous or subsequent invoices which must be paid as normal.
For failure to pay an invoice based on a regular estimate unless it is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.